Kratom 101
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Kratom, also known by its botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia. It is primarily grown in Indonesia and Malaysia. The leaves have an effect similar to opiate and has been used for years as both a stimulant and relaxant. It can be
bought in leaf, powder, resin, capsules, and extract form. The Mitragyna Speciosa tree has been an important part of Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. Traditionally the tree was used as a stimulant by Malaysian and Thai farmers as well as laborers in order to overcome the burden of hard work. These natives chewed kratom leavesto assist them in working harder, provide energy, and pain relief from sore muscles. Natives in Southeast Asia preferred to substitute opium with kratom due to the expense of opium. Kratom is also used to manage withdrawal complications experienced by chronic opiod users. Kratom effects are known to be many since it is considered as a psychoactive product on most websites especially in the US.
The trees can grow to a height of 12-30 ft tall. The Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are dark green and can grow up to 7 inches long to 4 inches wide. The flowers are yellow and grow in bunches.
There are many alkaloids found in the Mitragyna Speciosa leaf,Kratom tree such as mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are the main alkaloids thought to be responsible for kratom effects. The structure of these molecules are very similar to psychedelics. Since they interact with opiate receptors, Mitragyna Speciosa is some times used to prevent or delay withdrawal in an opiate dependent individual. Studies have shown that mitragynine inhibits the ileum, vas deferens as well as affecting smooth muscle contraction. By acting on the central opiod receptor it inhibits secretion of gastric juices and reduces pain. Kratom effects can be broadly described as bothe sedative and stimulating. In the US and some parts of Europe, kratom is used to treat a wide variety of ailments such as anxiety, pain, and depression. Some cultures use extracts of the kratom tree to enhance their sexual drive.

                                                         Naming of Leaf Strains
There are different varieties of Mitragyna Speciosa strains available for purchase. Reputable vendors use the standard names for strains. Naming Mitragyna Speciosa leaves consist of:

1. The country where the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is from.
2. The region it was picked.
3. The color of the leaf veins, red or white/green.
4. Often, the grade of of Mitragyna Speciosa

For example: red-vein indo premium powder would tell the user that the product is from a red veined leaf from Indonesia with a premium grade.

                                            Popular Mitragyna Speciosa Strains

Bali kratom effects are both relaxing as well as energizing. Higher doses of bali kratom tend to be more relaxing, while lower doses produce stimulating effects. For a new user, the kratom effects can last around 5-6 hours. Experienced users may feel the effects for around 3 hours.

                                                                Maeng da
Maeng da is one of the most potent strains of kratom. Many venders label this strain as "pimp grade." Maeng da is mainly taken for its stimulating effects. The kratom effects are reported to be less euphoric than others. This strain is quick acting and lasts for about 3 hours.

                                                           Green Malaysian
This is a very popular strain. Users report green malaysian as having a perfect balance of energy and relaxation. It is easier to take due to it's more pleasant taste. Green Malaysian is considered more euphoric compared to other strains. When taken, the kratom effects can last up to 8 hours for a beginner and around 3-4 hours for a long time user.

Thai kratom is known for energizing effects and as a sexual stimulant. It lasts for about 4-8 hours.   Because Mitragyna Speciosa trees were banned in Thailand in 1943, they are grown in other countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. 

                                                       Green-Veined Borneo
Green-Veined Borneo is found in Borneo and Sumatra. Green-veined Borneo has a high alkaloid level that resembles Maeng Da. This Mitragyna Speciosa strain is becoming popular do to it's balanced level of alkaloids. The kratom effects are said to be both relaxing and slightly stimulating with waves of euphoria.

                                                          Red-Veined Borneo
This strian of Mitragyna Speciosa is also known for its balanced alkaloid content. It has a unique taste and is slightly sedating. Red-Veined Borneo is often used for pain relief. It is also effective for detoxification from opium. 

                                                                Kratom Extract
Most vendors sell kratom extract. This is the most potent form of kratom. It is is made by separating the alkaloids from the leaves and leaving the unwanted parts behind. Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are reduced to grams of kratom extract. For instance, it takes 15 grams of raw kratom to make 1 gram of kratom extract. Kratom extract costs more but less is needed.

                                                              Leaf vines

Some vendors will advertise for red-vein or white-vein kratom. White-vein kratom is used interchangably with green-vein. The difference between the two is the kratom effect it produces.

Red-vein kratom leaves from southeast Asia.  Red Vein Kratom: This kratom leaf produces calming kratom effects.
It is
  often used for pain relief and as a substitute for opiate detox.White-vein kratom leaves. Also known as green-vein

  White Vein Kratom: This leaf Produces more
  stimulating kratom effects than red-vein
  varieties. Some users report that it gives them
  a euphoric feeling. White-vein leaves are
  known for providing extra endurance and is preferred by athletes and labor workers. Some users have reported that white-vein leaves have been useful for anxiety and depression symptoms.                             

                                       Full Spectrum vs Standardized Kratom
Vendors will normally label kratom extract as being standardized or full spectrum. In standardized extraction, the isolated alkaloid compound is chemically extracted. Chemicals such as benzene and hexane are used during the extraction process. The chemical residue should not remain on the kratom extract, but it is possible that there may be trace amounts.

While standardized extraction just uses the isolated compounds, full spectrum uses the full spectrum of compounds working together in Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. The extraction process is accomplished with grain or fruit alcohol, distilled water, or the combination of both.

                                                              Legal Status
Thialand was the first country to ban the use of Mitragyna Speciosa. In 1942, the Thai government passed kratom act 2486. This law required all Mitragyna Speciosa trees to be cut down and stopped the planting of new trees. Other countries that ban kratom are Lithuania, New Zealand, Myanmar, Australia, Bhutam, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Poland and Sweden. In 2012, several states in the US, legislated to ban kratom. These states include: Louisiana, Massachusetts, Iowa, and Indiana.

Many people wonder why kratom is banned in Thailand. In 1942 during the East Asian War, the opium income decreased significantly. Kratom was competition for the opium vendors. Taxes for opium were high which encouraged people to buy kratom which was not being taxed. Prohibiting kratom would help increase the financial help that the opium market provides. Pin Amornwisaisoradej, from the House of Representatives, put this law into effect in 1943.

Although kratom is considered as an illegal drug it remains popular in Thailand. By December 2006 kratom was the 3rd most popular drug in southern Thailand; others were marijuana and methamphetamine. Thai militants are known to have drunk a concoction made of boiled kratom leaves, cola, mosquito coils and cough syrup served with ice. The concoction was supposed to make them easy to control, bold and fearless. This kratom formula gained a lot of popularity even among Muslim youth in the Yala district of Southern Thailand to an extent that it was sold locally in tea and coffee shops.